Our New Brand

A Trusted Agency, A New Brand

98Forward is a Detroit-based, Black-owned and woman-led communications agency, providing comprehensive communications services, strategy and solutions for corporations, cultural institutions, government units and non-profit organizations.

With more than two decades of experience providing unmatched service to clients, our greatest asset is our Forward Team, a diverse group of highly skilled professionals dedicated to understanding and elevating the uniqueness of each client’s position in their community, and industry.

The roots of our agency were planted by Georgella Muirhead and Bob Berg in 1998. Those roots created a strong foundation fueled by integrity and a commitment to deliver unmatched services to our clients and the community. We’re 24 years into providing knowledge and expertise to our clients that flows from the ethos of the complementary partnership they created.

In 2016, Georgella passed the torch to Marilyn, and our agency is committed to investing in a professional culture that vests leadership and ownership roles in women, particularly women of color, as a matter of long-standing practice. In this key respect, our agency’s forward position in the industry is indisputable, and an asset that no one else can simply purchase or ‘brand’ their way into.

Our new name, 98Forward, signifies continuity with our established institutional legacy and body of work, and evokes the trajectory of growth our agency has demonstrated over many years, and in the work of many team members – past, present and future.  ‘98’ stakes out to our initial benchmark year and reminds us of the agency’s durability, built on the living legacy of those founding principles that have guided us over 24 years, always with a drive to move our clients and our industry ‘Forward’ – both through innovation in our practice areas, and by remaining engaged with the communities that have remained at the heart of our ongoing story.

PHOTO - 98Forward Staff_Aug 2022
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